Our Team

These are the people that drive the Yoma vision.

Johannes Wedenig

UNICEF, Yoma Convener & Project Lead

Wesley Furrow

Yoma Partnerships & 
Ecosystem Lead

Camila Haux

Yoma, Focal point for research & token economy

Lohan Spies

Yoma Technical Lead

Michael Scheibenreif

UNICEF, Green yoma lead

Minu Limbu

UNICEF, Yoma Nigeria Lead

Franziska Seiffarth

Yoma Experiential Learning Lead

Eugenio Donadio

Yoma Community Engagement Lead


The purpose of the Yoma Advisory Panel is to provide advice, guidance, and insight to the Yoma Lead and Yoma Workstream Leads on strategy (advisory), technical subject matter, and support knowledge exchange of best practices and lessons learned related to Yoma functional areas.

P. Subra Subrahmanyam

Technology Leader. Executive. Entrepreneur. Keynote Speaker. Consulting Professor @ Stanford

Interested in becoming part of the Yoma Advisory Panel?