About us

In 2020, young individuals were three times as likely to be unemployed as adults (ILO 2020). Many are not only facing a challenging present but also, an uncertain future. To meet the changing demands of the labor market, young people will need to be equipped with a set of skills and competencies to compete globally and locally, as well as have access to local and global job markets.The concept of Yoma was developed by young Africans as a holistic approach to address skills development and employment challenges, and increase youth agency across the globe.

What is Yoma?

Yoma is a digital marketplace for youth across the world to build and transform their futures by actively engaging in social impact tasks and learning & earning opportunities. It is an ecosystem solution that links young people with opportunities, provided by a range of partners, such as private enterprises, social impact organisations and future employers.

Using ethical and privacy-preserving machine learning algorithms, AI and psychometric tools, yoma identifies, nurtures and connects hidden talents and provides them with individualised learning-to-earning pathways.. Throughout youth’s yoma journey are able to develop market-relevant skills, build their portfolios and ultimately find employment.

Impact - Grow - Thrive


Some of the most impactful players worldwide are joining forces to bring Yoma to Life. The Founding Members include UNICEF, GenU, GIZ and Goodwall, who have come together to develop Yoma. In addition, Yoma’s partner ecosystem is leveraging each other's strengths and resources to provide learning and earning opportunities to African youth.


Progress to date and objectives to 2021 and beyond.